Conductivity level switch CoFox ELT 8:

The CoFox ELT 8 level controller operates on the basis of conductivity.
The following functions can be selected:
• Level switch
• Level control for filling
• Level control for emptying
The sensitivity is adjustable. 2 voltage-free changeover contacts are provided for switching functions. The units feature LED´s for ”normal” operation and ”alarm”.
•ELT 8 AC 230 V: Part no.  53503
•ELT 8 DC 24 V: Part no. 53503A

Conductivity alarm unit CoFox ELT 500/4: Part no. 53505
The CoFox® ELT 500/4 level controller operates on the basis of conductivity. The electrodes connected to the switching unit monitor the status at several points. When one or several electrodes are bridged, the red LED of the corresponding electrode circuit is switched on. For fast and precise location of the leak, a label is provided for each LED. A common voltage-free relay contact can be used to control separate alarm devices (e.g. alarm light or horn). The described function is only activated by electrode signals which are longer than 1 second in duration. The alarm is saved and cannot be reset for the duration of the electrode signal. The alarm condition must be cleared before the alarm can be reset by pressing the reset button on the unit.
CoFox® ELT 500/4 can be used with a series of probes for large area monitoring with centralized control.  Designed for use with electrically conducting liquids which do not foam excessively and are not highly viscous or adhesive (bridging), e.g. water, emulsions or waste water.
The CoFox® ELT 500/4 alarm unit is suitable for use in large installations. Several zones (also large areas) can be monitored simultaneously with electrodes (probes) at various points.

Conductivity level switch CoFox ELT 680:
The CoFox® ELT 680 level controller operates on the basis of conductivity. The built-in timer can be set to avoid undesired switching as a result of surface turbulences. The sensitivity and adjustment range of the controller have been designed to ignore bridging resistances which could impair the reliability of the unit (e.g. foam across the electrode insulators in breweries, dairies and ice-cream plants). Furthermore, the unit is capable of interface detection between liquids with different levels of conductivity (e.g. water and milk) in pipes and tanks.
Switching functions:
The unit can be used with either one electrode as a single point controller or with two electrodes for pump “on-off“control. Suitable for use with electrically conducting materials, predominantly liquids, e.g. milk, wine, fruit juices, waste water or lyes. Also suitable for foaming or adhesive media, e.g. beer or yoghurt. Specially designed for applications in the food industry.
ELT 680 DC 24 V: Part no. 53682
ELT 680 AC 230 V: Part no. 53681