Our Service

Instrumentation & electrical test:

EMS is a professional company doing the following instrument & electrical test, calibra-tion, loop check, instrumentation test as shown below it’s some of our duty in our com-pany laboratory field, control room and local control rooms doing by graduated profes-sional staff and high quality instrument test equipments.

1. Calibration:

Field instrument:

  • Pneumatic, electronic, smart transmitters’ calibration & maintenance using instrument test equipments, this calibration includes the following instruments:
  • Level transmitters.
  • Pressure transmitters.
  • Temperature transmitters.
  • Flow transmitters.

Field instrument (switches):

  • Level switches.
  • Pressure switches.
  • Temperature switches.
  • Flow switches.
  • Field instrument indicators & Rota meters.
  • Control valves and positioned alignment.
  • Motor Operated Valve (MOV’s) installation and programming.
  • Analyzers transmitters (O2, DO, CO, CO2, pH, conductivity,,,,,)
  • Calibration and set up for operation.
  • Safety valves.
  • Test.
  • Repairing.
  • Lapping.
  • Calibration.
  • Monitoring and alarm system.
  • Control room instruments, recorders and field multiplexes.

2. Loop check:

  • Instrument and electrical continuity.
  • Transmitters loop check from field to satellite control room to main control room.
  • Transmitter loop check from main control room to satellite control room to field.

3. Punch list.
4. Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning.
5. Function test.
6. Automatic Boiler Control (ABC).
7. Burner Management System (BMS).
8. Turbine monitoring supervisory systems.
9. Turbine supervisory instrument calibration and monitoring system:

  • Vibration.
  • Eccentricity.
  • Casing expansion.
  • Over speed control (electronic, electro-hydraulic governor).
  • All mechanical & electrical supervisory instruments.