SonarFox UST 02

SonarFox UST 02:

The compact SonarFox® UST 02 consists of the ultrasonic transducer, process connection and housing with screw-on lid.
A programming display can be plugged into the electronics block to calibrate the instrument without time consuming filling and emptying procedures.
The vibration-decoupled ultrasonic transducer is mounted below the process connection.
SonarFox® UST 02 is equipped with an output relay for echo loss indication.
For continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids and free flowing solids with various surface characteristics and consistencies.
Especially suitable for controlling rakes and gates in sewage treatment plants and power plants.
UST 02 DC 10.5-40 V, AC 10.5-28 V: Part no. 56119
UST 02 AC 85-255 V: Part no. 56129
Programming display: Part no. 56109