Unimes: Product no. 11500

Universal mechanical tank contents gauge with brass and nickel silver movement. Measuring range fully adjustable from 90 to 200 cm tank height or diameter. All measuring ranges provide a full scale reading with a pointer movement of 270°. Indication in percentage of level. Liter scale can be retro-fitted. Reference pointer for consumption control. Connections thread G11/2 and G2. ABS housing and PE-HD float.

Unimes E: Part no. 52130

The direct indication gauge is a universal mechanical tank contents gauge. It features a fully adjustable brass and nickel silver gear train mechanism. The pointer movement is always 270° when the tank is full. The level is indicated in percentage of height. An electronic sensor is located at the movement. It supplies the remote indicator with a signal that is proportional to the level.

The remote indicator is connected to the mechanical gauge by means of a 3-core screened cable and plug. The remote indicator is operated by means of a long-lasting battery. It is only switched on to read the level (push-to-read function). Diverse tank shapes are stored in a microprocessor so that the level is indicated either in liquid level or volume, as desired.

This combination of devices allows you to check the supply directly next to the tank and from an easily accessible, different location. The measurement signal is transmitted to the remote indicator via the cable. Using this signal, the electronic system of the remote indicator calculates the tank contents which can be displayed in liters, cubic meters, percentage or liquid level.