Stationary gas analysis

Gas treatment system MGK 744
Compact, portable and stationary gas treatment system in 1/2 19“ housing for gas analysis systems which withdraws a gas sample for the analysis process. Especially for longterm or continuous measurements and measurements involving pollution and/or condensate. Crucial for accurate and reproduc-ible measuring results.

Gas cooler MGK 741

Gas coolers are used in gas analysis systems to reduce the dew point of humid gases in order to prevent condensation in the analysis system. Setting a stable gas output dew point prevents vapour cross sensitivity and volumetric errors.

Infrared gas analyzers

  • Room air control (CO, CO2, coolants)
  • Monitoring of activated carbon filters (CO, CO2)
  • Monitoring of inertness (CO2, O2)
  • Monitoring of biological processes (CO2, O2)
  • Measurement of landfill gases (CH4, CO2)
  • Monitoring of cold stores (O2, coolants)
  • Optimisation of heating systems (CO, O2)

Oxygen probe Oxystem

For monitoring combustion and production processes as well as storage facilities, storage containers which require the oxygen concentration to be measured and/or controlled. The unit provides inline oxygen measurement without gas treatment.

Oxygen analyser Oxystem

Combustion monitoring and control in power plants and other heating systems. Suitable for continuous operation, even under arduous conditions.

Oxygen trace analyser Oxystem S

Monitors inert gas atmospheres for absence of oxygen in order to prevent oxidation. Measurement of residual oxygen concentration in the production of noble gases and nitrogen.

Oxygen measurement without cooling (hot measurement); the system can process gas directly at temperatures of up to 350 °C.

Gas analysis system BIOLYZER for discontinous measurement

The BIOLYZER gas analyser was specially designed for discontinuous analysis and regular process monitoring of biogenous process gases such as biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. All important gas types such as methane, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon dioxide can be monitored.