RotaFox MLS 10

Compact rotary paddle switch RotaFox MLS 10:

The RotaFox® MLS 10 rotary paddle switch is a universal level switch. The sensor and the switching device form a single unit. The rotary paddle is driven by a synchronous motor via a reduction gear. When the free rotation of the paddle is impeded by material covering the paddle, a micro-switch operates to generate an alarm switching signal. Power to the motor is then disconnected by a second micro-switch.
RotaFox® MLS 10 features a voltage-free contact which switches when the limit value is reached. The contact transmits the signal to external devices, such as electric flaps or sliders, pumps, visual or audible alarm units (e.g. alarm lamp or horn).
When the level drops the paddle is released and the motor will re-start again and rotate the paddle.
The rotary paddle switch is used for detecting levels of bulk solids with a minimum bulk density of 100 g/dm3. Designed for use in silos and bins.
MLS 10 (Paddle shaft 140 mm): Part no. 56100
MLS 10 (Paddle shaft 500 mm): Part no. 56116
MLS 10 (Paddle shaft 750 mm): Part no. 56117
MLS 10 (Paddle shaft 1000 mm): Part no. 56118