CapFox ENT 20 Ex:

The CapFox® ENT 20 Ex isolating amplifier consists of a switching amplifier and a voltage-free output relay. The control circuit is intrinsically safe (EEx ia II C). CNS 20 and CNS 20 Ex probes can be connected.
The CNS 20 capacitance probes for electrically conducting and nonconducting media can be used in conjunction with the CapFox® ENT 20 Ex isolating amplifier as an overfill alarm system according to WHG.
The PTFE partly insulated probe renders the unit particularly suitable for use with corrosive liquids. The system can also be used in hazardous areas zone 0 in conjunction with the CNS 20 Ex high-temperature probe.
CapFox ENT 20 Ex-230 AC 230 V: Part no. 53420
CapFox ENT 20 Ex-24 DC 24 V: Part no. 53425

Compact capacitance level witch CoFox ENT 7:

The CapFox® ENT 7 capacitance level switch forms with its associated probe a single compact unit.
The unit can be supplied with either a flexible or a rod probe. The probes, rigid or flexible (tensioned if required) can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle. Flexible probes can also be retrofitted to the unit via an adapter.  The sensitivity is adjustable.
CapFox® ENT 7 features a voltage-free relay contact which switches when the pre-set level is reached. The relay contact is used to control ancillary electrical equipment such as conveyors, slider valves or flaps, pumps or blowers, visual or audible alarms, or as an input to a PLC. Minimum or maximum fail-safe mode can be selected according to process requirements. Suitable for detecting levels of powdered and finely grained bulk solids or of liquids. Especially suitable for use in silos, hoppers, tanks and containers.
ENT 7, 300 mm PP partly insulated: Part no. 52701
ENT 7, 300 mm PTFE fully insulated: Part no. 52707
ENT 7, 3 m flexible probe: Part no. 52708
ENT 7 HT high-temperature version up to max. 220°C (300 mm active probe length): Part no. 52709